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The KORE3 Big-Brake Front Caliper Bracket Kit for the GM short-spindle application adapts high-performance, high-quality, 5th or 6th generation Corvette (C5/C6) brake components to your GM short-spindle equipped car. Please refer to the KORE3 Big-Brake Application Chart for details regarding specific vehicle compatibility.

  1. KORE3 GM Short-Spindle kit is designed for forged short-spindles only, of which there are three (3) variations as described below. GM made a fourth short-spindle design that is not compatible with this kit. The spindle is cast, not forged, and can be readily identified by the integral cast caliper mounts and steering arms. We currently do not offer a kit for this spindle application, however it can be swapped to the forged GM short-spindle or converted to the GM tall-spindle if you are interested in adapting KORE big-brakes to your car.

  2. Kit is 100% bolt-on. No welding, cutting, or grinding necessary if KORE3 components are used.

  3. Minimum �17" wheels are required for caliper to wheel clearance. Not all �17" wheels will fit. Please verify fitment prior to ordering using the appropriate KORE3 fitment template. Wheel fitment is the buyer's responsibilty. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific application or the proper use of the templates.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Installation instructions

  • (2) KORE3 GM short-spindle big-brake conversion brackets
    • CNC laser cut & machined
    • 5/8" steel plate
    • 2.3 lb [1.04 kg] each w/o hardware
    • Yellow zinc-chromate plated for corrosion resistance

  • (1) Hardware kit
    • (4) M14-2 x 35mm HHCS, Class 10.9
    • (4) 14mm Flat Washers
    • (1) Threadlocker
    • Additional fasteners vary depending on the short-spindle variation that you have. There are three (3) different forged GM short-spindles as follows; please select the proper short-spindle variation when ordering:

1. Drum Spindle: 1/2-20 2. Drum Spindle: 5/8-18 3. Disc Spindle: 5/8-18
1. Drum Spindle:
1/2"-20 UNF
2. Drum Spindle:
5/8"-18 UNF
3. Disc Spindle:
5/8"-18 UNF
GM Short-Spindle C5/C6 Disc Conversion GM Short-Spindle C5/C6 Disc Conversion
Price: $169.00
KORE3 News:

Notice: KORE3 is currently stocking reproduction C6 and C6 Z51 2-piston front and 1-piston rear calipers, they're on hand and ready to ship. Please contact us with any questions.

KORE3 is a proud dealer for Hydratech Braking Systems™, the industry leader in hydraulic brake assist conversions for the pro-touring market. Please plan for approximately 90-120 day deliveries on all hydroboost units until further notice.

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