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The KORE3 355mm C6 Z06 Big-Brake Kit for the GM short-spindle (GMSS) application adapts high-performance, high-quality, 6th generation (C6) Z06 Corvette brake components to your GM short-spindle equipped vehicle. This kit is ideal for those running factory spindles with or without the Guldstsrand Modification, tall ball-joint kits, and other OE spindle based front suspensions and 18" wheels. Please refer to the KORE3 GM Big-Brake Application Chart for details regarding specific vehicle compatibility.

The C6 Z06 rotors measure 355mm x 32mm thick (14.0" x 1.26") and provide higher brake torques and additional thermal mass than either the base C5/C6 or the C6 Z51 components, allowing for even more aggressive, sustained driving. Additionally, the directional or pillar vane design of the C6 Z06 rotors increases the overall cooling efficiency of the system and rigidity of the rotors, resulting in maximum braking performance and minimum brake fade.

The C6 Z06 front calipers are of a 6-piston, monobloc design with a patented pad-per-piston design such that each piston has it's own dedicated pad. This feature reduces the development of tapered pad wear commonly experienced by longer pads in similar applications. Due in part to the unique pad design, the calipers utilize cast-in bridge sections for maximum rigidity and overall stiffness resulting in improved pedal feel and pad wear.

There is excellent aftermarket support for C6 Z06 rotors and brake pads to suit nearly anybody's needs and/or budget. This 355mm KORE3 big-brake kit is an easy upgrade from the base level 325mm and 340mm kits ands adds even more thermal capacity for those who push their cars up to and beyond the limits. Any A/X/F-body running 18" high-clearance wheels can benefit from the addition of this kit, whether you're grocery-getting, pro-touring, or a little bit of both.

  1. KORE3 GM short-Spindle kit is designed for forged short-spindles only, of which there are three (3) basic variations as shown below. The only definitive way to identify the spindle is based on the upper mounting boss.

    GM made a fourth short-spindle design that is not compatible with this kit. The spindle is cast, not forged, and can be readily identified by the integral cast caliper mounts and steering arms. We currently do not offer a kit for this spindle application.

  2. KORE kit is compatible with many modular aftermarket drop spindles that use bolt on steering arms similar to the OE design. Please contact us with any questions regarding such applications.

  3. Kit is 100% bolt-on. No welding, cutting, or grinding necessary when KORE3 components are used.

  4. Minimum 18" wheels are required. Not all 18" wheels will fit. Please verify fitment prior to ordering using the appropriate KORE3 fitment template. Wheel fitment is the buyer's responsibilty. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific application or the proper use of the templates.

1. Drum Spindle: 1/2-20 2. Drum Spindle: 5/8-18 3. Disc Spindle: 5/8-18
1. Drum Spindle:
1/2"-20 UNF
2. Drum Spindle:
5/8"-18 UNF
3. Disc Spindle:
5/8"-18 UNF

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Installation instructions

  • KORE3 GM Short-Spindle Big-Brake Bracket Kit

  • FlexKORE™ 2-piece Brake Line Kit

  • KORE3 Big-Brake Billet Hub Kit

  • C6 Z06 Front Caliper Kit

  • C6 Z06 Front Pad Kit

  • C6 Z06 Front Rotors

Build your kit selecting from the options below. If you have any questions regarding your specific application, please don't hesitate to ask. Please specify which spindle variation you plan on using (spindles are not included with kit) so that we can include the proper components to match your application.

Price: $1,758.00
KORE3 News:

Notice: C6 Z06 calipers availability is limited. Please contact us for current stock and color options.

KORE3 is a proud dealer for Hydratech Braking Systems™, the industry leader in hydraulic brake assist conversions for the pro-touring market.

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