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Custom 6-piece FlexKORE™ Brake Line Kit

Six (6) custom configured FlexKORE™ brake lines. You choose the length, end fittings, and color to meet your needs. Typical applications for this kit include two (2) front caliper hoses, two (2) rear caliper hoses, and two (2) axle drops.

FlexKORE™ Brake Line Construction: Features and Benefits

  • All brake hoses are constructed using a superior 5 layer hose design:
    1. ø1/8"ID X 3/16"OD PTFE (Teflon®) hose
      • 100% compatible with all brake fluids: DOT 3/4/5/5.1
      • Flexible and impact resistant
      • Chemically inert/stable/nonreactive
      • High temperature resistance: Max operating temp = 500°F (260°C)
      • Excellent resistance to aging and degradation
    2. Kevlar® braided sheath
      • 5X greater strength to weight ratio than steel
      • Lightweight and flexible
      • Reinforces the Teflon® hose to virtually eliminate expansion under braking without chafing the Teflon® hose
    3. Rubber barrier & isolation layer
    4. 300 series stainless steel wire braid
      • Reinforces the Kevlar® braid for additional resistance to expansion
      • Protects the hose from debris and other road hazards
      • Excellent corrosion resistance
    5. PVC jacket
    Red FlexKORE Hose Orange FlexKORE Hose Yellow FlexKORE Hose Green FlexKORE Hose Blue FlexKORE Hose Black FlexKORE Hose Smoke FlexKORE Hose Clear FlexKORE Hose
  • One piece fittings specifically designed and manufactured for use with the 5-layer hose described above resulting in very high fitting pull-off strengths.
  • Street Legal: All brake hose assemblies are designed and manufactured to comply with US Federal D.O.T. MVSS-106.
  • All hose assemblies pressure tested to 4500 psi [31 MPa] after assembly.
  • Hose specifications:
    • Operating Pressure = 1750 psi [12.1 MPa]
    • Burst Pressure = 7000 psi [48.3 MPa]
    • Minimum Bend Radius = 2" [50mm]
    • Outside Diameter = .350" [8.9mm]

Teflon® and Kevlar® are both registered trademarks of DuPont® or its affiliates.

Please select from the options below to configure each brake hose. If the length or fitting you need is not shown, please contact us with the details of your application and we will help any way we can. Please list the Make and Model of your vehicle, plus axles and calipers if different than stock, in the Comment: box.

NOTE 1: Two (2) crush washers will be provided with each banjo fitting specified. Banjo bolts, brackets, clips, and additional crush washers are all available separately here.

NOTE 2: Custom hoses require approximately 2-3 weeks for manufacture.

Price: $189.00
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