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GMPU, C10, HD, 340mm C6 Z51

The KORE3 340mm C6 Z51 Front Big-Brake Kit for the Chevy C10, 1971-1976 Impala and other compatible applications adapts high-performance, high-quality, 6th generation C6 Z51 Corvette brake components to your vehicle. Please refer to the KORE3 GM Application Chart for details regarding specific vehicle compatibility.

The C5/C6 rotors measure 340mm x 32mm thick (13.40" x 1.26") and have either directional vane construction, providing higher brake torques, additional thermal mass, improved feel and better cooling for more aggressive, sustained driving without brake fade.

C5/C6 front calipers are pressure cast aluminum with full width stiffening ribs in order to maximize caliper rigidity, extend service life, and improve pedal firmness and feel, all in a compact, lightweight package. The C6 calipers are interchangeable with the C5 calipers and are approximately 25% more rigid due to additional material across the bridge of the calipers. Both C5 and C6 calipers have twin-40.5mm pistons and utilize a pad abutment design, where the braking torque is transmitted directly from the pads into the pad abutment brackets and the spindles they mounted to, leading to better performance you can feel at the pedal.

There is vast aftermarket support for C5/C6 rotors and brake pads to suit nearly anybody's needs and/or budget. This KORE3 big-brake kit provides more braking performance per dollar than any other making it ideally suited for a variety of builds, whether you're grocery-getting, pro-touring, or a little bit of both.

  1. KORE3 Big-Brake Kit for GMPU C10 trucks is compatible with all 1971-1987 C10 disc spindles, OE or aftermarket. The "HD" spindles use SET5 (1.375") inner wheel bearings and SET3 (.844") outer wheel bearings and were equipped with 1.25" thick factory rotors. The "LD" spindles use SET 6 (1.25") inner and SET3 (.844) outer wheel bearings and were equipped with 1" thick rotors. The CPP 2" Modular Drop spindles are unique, so choose the appropriate spindle in the options below.

  2. Kit installation requires moderate, irreversible spindle modifications with basic metal fabrication tools on all but the CPP Modular spindle. All necessary modifications are detailed in the instructions.

  3. Minimum 18" wheels are required depending on rotor size and caliper selection. Not all 18" wheels will fit. Please verify fitment prior to ordering using the appropriate KORE3 fitment template. Wheel fitment is the buyer's responsibility. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific application or the proper use of the templates.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Installation instructions

  • KORE3 GMTS/GMPU Big-Brake Bracket Kit

  • FlexKORE™ 2-piece Brake Line Kit

  • KORE3 Heavy-Duty Billet Hub Kit

  • C5/C6 Front Caliper Kit

  • C5/C6 Front Pad Kit

  • C5/C6 Front Rotors

Build your kit selecting from the options below. If you have any questions regarding your specific application, please don't hesitate to ask.

Price: $1,320.00
KORE3 News:

Notice: C6 Z06 calipers availability is limited. Please contact us for current stock and color options.

KORE3 is a proud dealer for Hydratech Braking Systems™, the industry leader in hydraulic brake assist conversions for the pro-touring market.

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